Piling up

I was in Amsterdam a little more than a week ago, and went to the Botanical Gardens. For some reason I’d never visited them before. Which I should have – it is a lovely spot slap in the middle of Amsterdam, a walk away from Central Station. I went because they were showing the Garden Photography of the Year finalists, a subject that has my interest.

Did see some exquisit photo’s, the ones I posted here just examples. First one is by Ines Leonardo, from the category ‘Wildlife in the Garden, second one is by Paul Marcellini taken in a swamp in North Florida using a long exposure. Pretty nice! I was tempted to buy the book, but have decided that I have to actually read the books already in my possession before buying new ones. This may take a year of my time, as the books have been piling up ……

img_1119_kl img_1123_kl

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