The promised land

Had to kiss a lot of frogs today, but finally I found my prince: Gallery by Supsystic. I did indeed try out more than 20 ‘easy’ gallery plugins for WordPress. This is the only one that passed muster: easy to use, easy on the eye, easy on the wallet.

Spent a lot of time figuring out how best to photograph my travel journals. But before traveling again, I cannot miss and leave my parking coupons because it had save me tons of money and I seem to forget it most of the time. Don’t want to take the journals apart (yet), so I had to find a way to flatten pages without this being visible. In the end, I used a length of white thread held tight between the pages of two other books. This causes no shadows, and the thread itself is easy to get rid of via photoshop. The brilliance of the light is a factor, also shadows and the in focus / out of focus thing. Anyway, the result of all this bother is shown below.

The book I used is ‘The Promised Land’ by Adriaan van Dis. He travelled through South Africa in 1991, Apartheid was still very much a feature of everyday life.







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