In a time machine

Now that I’ve figured out how to best photograph my travel journals, it is time to do them all! Below the drawings and collages I made in the book ‘in a time machine through Japan’. The author documents a yearly pelgrimage that the Dutch used to make in the 17th and 18th century in Japan. Once a year the Dutch merchants were summoned to go to the high and mighty Shogun and pay homage. The trip took them from Decima – their toehold in Japan –  to Edo, the present Tokyo.  


Later: In fact, the whole series of drawings are time machines  themselves, doubly so in fact. For the books I made them in are  dated, and my drawings were all done during one world trip in 2016 –  again a specific moment in time. To evaluate,  I did a side-by-side for the photo’s and the drawings from South-Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Just to see if the visual language of the photo’s and the images have similarities. And they do!

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