Yesterday we’ve wrestled the ‘Heaven and Earth’ exhibition down the steep and narrow stairs of Loevestein. The exhibition has been on show there from July 2016 until January 2017.  We’ve inhabited a room in one of the towers, where we fit in nicely, being interactive like most of Loevestein’s permanent exhibition . The Loevestein location managers were great to work with – thanks again Tim and Jac and Dennis!

Looking back,  we’ve attained most of our goals for the exhibition. It has been on show almost non-stop for one and a half years; the magazine was distributed in an editon of 25.000; the website had more than 5000 visitors. I would have liked to place the exhibition outside the Bommelerwaard area more often (2 out of 9) , but nine placements in total is a number not to be sneezed at. And not to be underestimated in terms of the time and pure muscle power I and my loved ones put in. Fun to do, though.

As for the coming months, we’ll accept offers for placement up until june 2017, then pull the plug.


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