Waiting for their turn

Tuin 4 maart 2017 11

A few beauties from my garden – there is a tapestry of snowdrops and early crocuses in the border, and on the outdoor table such beauties as dwarf irises and snakes head frittilaries lift up their pretty heads from a collection of small containers. Photographing flowers is interesting, for it is not an easy thing to do., Both  composition and lighting are pretty difficult – as is not stepping on the flower’s neighbours, or even laying down on them. I contorted into weird shapes to make some of these pics possible ;)  And hey, the dwarf irises survived from last year! I finally figured out how to make them stay – I’ve had them disappear in the border with great regularity before. Apparently, they like being in a container and having a dry and hot place to over-summer. As do the small daffodils and tiny tulips that are in containers waiting for their turn to flower.

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