New turn

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My journey into the land of  upcycling took a new turn when I met Evelien from Rescued during a Galaxy workshop. Evelien was very interested in the T-shirt yarn and asked me to propose a product made of it. The basket shown here is what I came up with – I do love colour grading, and the T-shirts give me ample opportunity. The baskets met with Evelien’s approval, and she immediately started thinking about  up-scaling production. Two questions really: a. is it possible to make hundreds and b. is it possible to do so for an attractive price.

Ideally, we’d have access to a lot of grandmothers with crocheting skills. Evelien found the next best thing: a center where elderly people meet and spend the day. We ‘re going to do a tryout at such a center in two weeks time:  I’ll arrive on their doorstep with bags and bags of Tshirts, the dangerous cutter, crocheting needles and scissors, and a few already-made baskets for inspiration.

It will be interesting to see how (and if)  up-scaling works. Producing a thing en masse hasn’t been my thing before, but I’m willing and eager to try.

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