Now that I have been awakened to the combination stone – water – plants during our visit to La Louve,  I see this everywhere. As at the garden-under-construction Jardin d’Albertas just south of Aix-en-Provence. Aix itself was lovely, and hot, and crowded, something the quiet village of Apt where we reside only achieves on market days.

The present owners of the garden are restoring it along the lines laid out around 1640.  They, by the way, do do lawn, and a green one it was. So they must water the garden – the leaflet said they have water from four springs, aren’t they the lucky ones.

Having done garden restoration on a small scale I know what a joy it can be. And how carried away one can become ….  hope they will keep the statues as they are, I fell in love with the headless couple below. I also loved the three belgian kids, reminding me that a garden can be a capital place for games.

Jardin d'Albertas EB 21

Jardin d'Albertas EB juli 2017 17 Jardin d'Albertas EB juli 2017 13

Parc du Mugel EB juli 2017 28

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