Shredded, melted, extruded, poured


So I’ve been thinking about plastic – even dreaming about plastic. It isn’t very tactile …. but versatile, which sort of makes up for this. Decided I’d want to do circles with them – done circles with crayons, with doves, I’ve been picking up  circles on the street for years, exiting to add  plastic circles.

Am writing a project plan at the moment, the idea is to interest a group of people in cleaning up the Schilderswijk –  a neighbourhood in The Hague. The plastics will be separated from the rest of the rubbish we’ll pick up, and will be shredded, melted, extruded and poured into a circle mold. The circles will then be placed somewhere in the Schilderswijk – a memento and statistic of how much plastic we’ve found and how much cleaner the neighbourhood has become.

I’ve done a few artist’s impressions of what this could look like, see below. 
The threads that haven’t been woven into the idea yet:
– practice run with the machines
– find a group that is willing to do the cleanup thing
– find a group that is interested in workshops and willing to pay a small amount of money for it
– find a sponsor 

Will go to the Hague next friday to talk the idea through with Eveline and the people from Het Ambacht – the location in the Schilderswijk that could be our headquarters. 


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