On the coldest, windiest and sorriest day ever – and while waiting for my tulips to flower – I decided to tackle my backup problem. For while I religiously make backups I had not yet found a way to automate the procedure. And I just know it CAN be done: plenty of backup plugins out there. I had three requirements: 1. automated 2. backup files to be sent to Dropbox and 3. free. After kissing a few frogs I found my prince, being Updraft Plus. On my smaller site (everdienbreken.com) it worked fine, on this one it failed at first. Due to the small mountain of visuals I am sure, all those pics need lots of storage space. Anyways, after de-installing, re-installing and re-setting back to factory settings the show was on the road – took about 3 hrs to do the whole backup, but it worked! 

Now I just have to wait and see if the automated backup cycle will do its magic – I am to get emails in the coming weeks telling me that I have successfully updated. Now that I have backup, I will also update to the next WordPress version. Fingers crossed, all of them! 

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