Japan – went there in 2016 – a great many interesting things to see and do. An overwhelming impression of a society that lives minutely – is it because they are many and their usable acres are few? I started walking with my elbows in after a few days …. interesting how easy one absorbs …

Now I do think I notice the photo’s informing the drawing – not easy to put into words, but it is there ….. must have absorbed more than just ‘elbows in’. For comparison purposes below the ‘before and after’ pages of the book ‘in a time machine through Japan’. The author documents a yearly pelgrimage that the Dutch used to make in the 17th and 18th century in Japan. Once a year the Dutch merchants were summoned to go to the high and mighty Shogun and pay homage. The trip took them from Decima – their toehold in Japan –  to Edo, the present Tokyo.  I over-wrote and over-drew and over-pasted and ‘mined’ the book to visualise my impressions of Japan. Getting the hang of it I think, more interesting stuff here than in the ‘South Africa’ series.

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