Netherlands revisited

Earlier: “Have scored five books to doodle in while travelling – all written by dutch (travel) writers about the countries I’ll visit – they represent dutchness in a foreign land. I will layer their books with my own experiences – be a hunter/gatherer for images and superimpose those on the books. Now that I’ve overcome my inculcated dislike of scribbling in books, I find it liberating to not have to start with a blank page but hunt for treasure on an already written one.

While I was at it – photographing and documenting my collages resulting from the exercise mentioned above – I had a look at the tryouts from before we went on tour. The original idea was to mine a printed page for words, covering the parts I could not use. I used a book about Andersen’s visits to the Netherlands for that. He was here around 1850 and kept meticulus notes.

Some images I made are not half bad :) see below.

It was a lucky accident that I started using torn bits of paper – the accident being that I was on a long long plane trip and had no scissors handy. Kept on doing the tearing bit, which led to some of the most interesting results in the other books.

A subselection of my favorites from the Anderson book:

Found a series that I had forgotten all about – must have been a book about Japan – know I did these before travelling. Nice to see I free-formed more here.

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