And here go the pictures and collage/drawings I made in 2016 in the last country of the five we visited: the United States of America. We toured family and friends all over the globe in 2016, in a period of 3 months”time. This worked out as an average of one week with FF and one week on our own, then next country, repeat. In the USA I revisited International House at Jacksonville State University, Alabama. I spent one very enjoyable and formative year there when I was 18, and was touched to find my picture still on the wall in the ‘hall of fame’.

I loved working on the art project I had set up during our trip. It worked as follows: for each country to be visited I took a book from a Dutch writer written about that country, and mined the books for texts and images – yes, inspired by A Humument. For the USA I found a travel guide by the once eminent but now almost forgotten Dutch travel guru dr L van Egeraat (1960). Driest book of the five, but it served, see gallery below.

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