Updated NL_MIX

By the way, I also updated NL_MIX. Got some great feedback from showing it at a festival in Delft recently, also some from Oldest Daughter and the new boyfriend from one of her best friends. Boyfriend happens to be a geography teacher who let his students play with NL_MIX. He came up with some great feedback. One of his suggestions was that limiting people’s choice to a max number of points would focus them on making the best choice instead of fiddling with the sliders or setting them all on max . So I added a game-like element tot he MIX where you have 30 points to use to shape the future of the Netherlands. I wasn’t sure about adding this, but wanted to see if I could make it happen. Now that it’s there – I like :).

The most challenging part was making the message boxes just so. Javascript is very limited in this regard, and it would show my site’s name at the top of each message. Site name isalso my name, so it was like I was looking over everyones shoulder. This I did not like … Fortunately I found SweetAlert, a free and out-of-the-box solution for my problem. What’s not to like?

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