‘Cutting reality out of a picture’

wajang witch
A couple of days ago I posted on a workshop we did with Heri Dono and Jompet. I did a wajang-style witch,  that I brought to the last workshop of the series on friday  last. We had a discussion about the week and showed  work we made. Fortunately, the sun came out so I could show my wajang puppet  in action. I managed to take a few pictures, I especially like this one, mainly because it shows puppet and puppeteer.

It’s not easy to summarise a week like this. Quite an opportunity to work with so many gifted and dedicated artists!  One thing I envy them for – they all seem to have found their ‘metier’, their place within the art world. Their work is connected to place and time – for example  Jompet’s work on Java and its varied history. Also they have found their place/topic in the current discourse of the arts – for example Jasper de Beijers  way of  ‘cutting reality out of a picture’ and making people realise that what they ‘see’ is a perception of reality, not reality itself.  Will have to take a stand somewhere myself – more difficult since my questions tend to be a bit abstract?