A normal/abnormal balance

100_8377100_8372 I thought it would be nice to show what our workspace at IBB looks like, see picture on the left. We have a lot of stuff that is functional but not terribly well organised, but the place starts looking like a workspace which is good. 

A few weeks ago we were asked to make a work for this space. The space was -then, and now – full of hard surfaces. Even the red couch in the background is upholstered in shiny red vinyl.  Also the lighting plan was – and is – designed for functionality not atmosphere. So I decided to make us a lamp, and a soft one at that. I covered a lamp with white wool by crocheting around it. White because this is the colour of exploration – I wanted to make people curious about this functional object again, and make them re-engage with it using their hands.

Well, this happened. Best question was: Is there a real lamp inside?  I also like the crocheted-around-electric-wire vying with all the other electrical wires to get to a socket. It looks normal/abnormal, I like that balance.