If you don’t write it down, it never happened.

This blog is written by me,  Everdien Breken, student at  MaHKU in  Utrecht, the Netherlands.   The MaHKU is a Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. Blogging is to be my diary-style recap of the visual  research I will be doing  this coming  year.

Written because  ‘ if you don’t write it down – it never happened!’  This is a quote from “Debt of Honour” by Tom Clancy, page 530: “You can’t trust your memory with things that affect live patients. One of the first things they teach you in medical school.’ Cathy shook her head as she finished up. ‘Not in this business. too many opportynities to screw up. If you don’t write it down, then it never happened.” An unlikely source of wisdom, this techno-thriller, but whaddoyouknow …

 Blogging suits my style, I think. It will allow me to organise my thoughts, insights, new knowledge and new work . Will also allow me to share with and get input from the MaHKU people and other interested parties. So if you guys read this, please send me a line…..

Now that we are into the third week of the school year I really need  to get my act together blog-wise. Because already things started going a bit blurry about the edges. Fortunately I did register www.visual-art-research.com a week ago. So today I wrestled  with some software down- and uploads  (thank you argeweb and wordpress people) to get this weblog up and running.  And it works! 

Tomorrow I wil play around with the layout of this blog some and start adding  pictures. I would really like the blog to reflect my passion for art, my preference for interactive art  and my infatuation with fabrics, felt and wool.

For now: I have started my blog and am feeling great about it!

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