Chicken and all

100_9263100_9271Leaves have all fallen at Tractie  – see pic of view out of my atelier window. It is really the strangest place. Industrial landscape, hard surfaces all around, but when you have a closer look there is lots of  nature  there. What to call this type of nature? Post-industrial? If we will all relocate to the Dutch-Belgian border (see blog “Tractie Dreaming“) there will be lots and lots of room for post-industrial nature.  Do I call this ‘nature’ at all? What definition of ‘nature’ do I have, what expectations of a ‘natural’ landscape? Note: check this out.

I think the chicken at Tractie are as much a symbol  of its ‘natural’ state as anything else. A domestic breed, product of old-fashioned genetical manipulation by in-breeding to get more eggs, more flesh, more everything. They should be adorning a farmers back yard or – god forbid – be caged in a chicken factory farm. Instead, they have chosen (how?) to go wild again, and are prospering. I wonder how they will fare in winter?

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