Tractie Review

10 dec 09 035No, this is not a picture made on one of Jupiters moons. This is taken outside my atelier at the Tractieweg. By night,  a few hours after the Holiday on Ice people that live next door  deposited all their ice outside. Little gletchers that  I could not find the time to visit during the day, so I made this mysterious landscape by the light – the very abundant light I should say – of the factory lamps that  illuminate the Tractie area after dark. Wish I had had time to build an ice sculpture  …  Would have been something for the review meeting today.

Good review meeting by the way – constructive feedback. It always tickles me to see the teachers at Tractie – a rather solemn lot sometimes – being thrown by my invitation to play around with stuff.

Best feedback: what happens when one has finished playing around with my pieces, i.e. when the surprise value has gone – are they interesting enough to come back to.  A concern that comes up as soon as I introduce interactivity in my work, when I  invite people to do things instead of making them look at things. It’s a pertinent question that I will address. I need to introduce a legend, a tale or a space > place somehow.

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