Storing, retrieving, retaining….

100_9261Worked some more on experiment no 003. Decided to give the platform yet another layer – I hate paint! All these little bits of fluff keep getting mixed up in the paint, very frustrating. You should have seen me work to get the microphone to dangle over the platform….  The ceiling is very high and I have but a small ladder. Finaly came up with the following: looped the cable to the end of the broomstick using painters tape, then held the contraption up to the hook on the ceiling, hooked the cable around it, tugged gently to make the tape give way, so the cable was on the hook all by its own. Then I attached  the microphone to the cable. Took me several tries and a bit of ingenuity, the things I do for art …..

Tried out various alternatives for making two circles on the platform to suggest two people having conversation. No satisfactory conclusion as yet – tried little round mats from IKEA but these look too cheap. Tried pillows, suggesting sitting down, is better  but I will have to design and make two to go with the setup. Not going to be ready in time for the review next week -made quick sketches so I can represent this idea. Maybe the footprints people will leave are enough of a visual clue? Will have to see how things work out.

Made quick sketches to work out the idea of sitting down &  people in conversation. It doesn’t look half bad. Schema’s under the drawing show how memories are re-stored, going from mind to voice to vibrations to body to body memory. With two persons, the scheme gets more complicated, which I like.  Storing, retrieving, retaining, ……..


I started to see the platform as a painting one can walk or sit  on, surprising.  Malevich did white-on-white, I do cat-sick-yellow, also I added the interactive ingredient.

May start my own art movement yet:  slow art that is to be experienced by all the senses.