Storing, retrieving, retaining

Decided to tweak this blog’s navigation today. I want to make navigation more intuitive – more like the way memory works.  Who’s interested in lists and calendars anyway? For starters I made a ‘related subjects’ series of thumbnaila appear on each post yesterday. Today I experimented some with using a tag cloud – and liked it. This meant that I had to add tags to my posts, something I’ve neglected to do until now. Found a simple plugin to help me out called SimpleTags – it generates tag suggestions that I can click.

This made adding tags easier but not much more fun. Did about 50 – promise to do a few more. Anyway, navigation now is more intuitive. You people out there now can use the search box, the catetory lists in the header, the tag cloud and the ‘related subjects’ thumbnails  to wander around at will in my external memory.

Later: WordPress even threw in a ‘tagged as’ line at the very bottom – which I discovered just now

Later: it’s a good thing my internal (or ‘wetware’) memory isn’t accessible this way :) – you’d be surprised ….

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