Synthetic sea sound

Having found a synthetic sea smell and the psycho-historical coastline of the Netherlands  I went for the sea sound that is the third essential ingredient of my project. Downloading surf sound and seagull sounds from the ‘net was easy. Mixing them to a believable sea sound took some more time. Worked it out, though, and now I have a completely synthetic sea sound – as unnatural as the sea smell from a bottle. It amuses me to lay traps for peoples senses – in fact, that is what my experiments are all about.

Recording, retaining, retrieving or fixating, filing, finding. Recalling, Recognizing. How is it possible to lead a ‘normal’ life by possessing a memory with all existing files past and present being scattered all over the place?  How is it possible to walk through life and come so far by being intellectually uniquely lazy? Recording, retaining, retrieving, fixating, filing, finding: when memory is not filled clearly it is inaccessible recalling, recognising and relearning are methods of measuring memory.