The Homecoming – Pinter analysis

At the easter weekend my friend Loes visited & we made a presentation about a book analysis we’ve done together at MaHKU. That is to say, Loes did all the visuals and I helped her out with the texts.

When at MaHKU, we analysed and indexed Pinter’s ‘The Homecoming’. We made an index that is so close to the original that it fits seamlessly into the book – as if it was there from the beginning. Some interesting conclusions in it, too, for instance that people’s speech rhythms evolve during the day: more hesitant in the morning, more decisive at night. Check my blogposts here and here for more info about the assignment.

We published our finds on 365 days of art the next day. An interesting art gallery, this on-line initative that publishes a fresh artwork every day …… long live the Internet!


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