Marina drawing bodies

Did another bit of visual research, invited Marina to come and play at Tractie. She’s interested in how the body is represented in the mind, and uses drawing as a preferred tool. My setup at Tractie allowed her to go for both, and the results were really interesting. Check the last pic, this is a co-production: Marina steered me while I had my eyes closed, and followed me on the screen with a marker. I lost all sense of direction, could only orientate myself on where her voice came from. Will take pen and paper next time to follow my route myself, too. Well, so far, so good. Must have a look at the filmed sequence! When will I ever have time enough to do all the things that seem so pressing…  Am writing my essay, going well, ideas keep popping up, this is good. Now how to convert them to a coherent narrative? And make my prose anywhere near readable, too? Time,me, time……
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tractie 12 april 10 058
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