Five minutes of fame

I finally found time today to look at the footage I shot at Tractie on  May 6th with Laura and Laura.  It’s been waiting for 3 weeks while I did the Straatnieuws thing, but it’s good -really good. If  I can figure out a way to convert the silly file format JVC’s camcorder forced on me to a format a mainstream video editor can work with I’m all set to making a short film about experiment no. 005 Looking forward to it!

Next week sees me doing the public part of the exam entry review, together with 35 of my peers. Five minutes presentation for each of us, then ten  minutes for discussion. Multiply by 35 and you can see why this will be exhausting. But fun – great to see what the people from the other departments are up to. I’ll have to seriously weed and prune my presentation – if 10 minutes was short for the first version, what can a woman do in 5?
Everdien Breken Double SoloEverdien Breken Double SoloEverdien Breken Double Solo

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