When I had Loes over to play at Tractie (see blog ‘building‘) she made some pictures of me which she gave me last monday. I love having them, now I can show you how high up in the air I go to mount my cameras. I’m really scared of heights – the things I do for art …

More play today, also more ladders, as I have invited two Laura’s to come and play. Hope to get enough footage to make a small (say 3 – 5 minutes) film, as this would enable me to represent my work in cases where I cannot install it somewhere.

In another 4 weeks I will be kicked out of Tractie anyway, as people there will start setting up their exam show.

By the way – the map of Holland on the wall is the work of Eva, the girl I share an atelier with.  Check  her work at Evanana.

ladder kl

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