Steep learning curve today

Ilvy Njiokiktjien Spelen op Straat Jaarbeursplein UtrechtDiscussed my projects with Klaas at school – he gave me a couple of good pointers about how to document my street actions. Also asked me ‘what comes after this’. Good question.  What qualities in the present work point at future works? Klaas always manages to get me with my feet back on the ground. He is always, but always, one step ahead.

Then I went to Straatnieuws to discuss the June special  with Frank, the editor. He is really pleased with the ‘Spelen op Straat’ production. Had a couple of good feedback points too. His take is about how to interest a large audience. Which is something I have not really taken in before. So: learning curve very steep today.

Frank  suggested I enroll  my project at Setup Utrecht, a pilot project of Medialab  aiming at starting a permanent  Medialab in Utrecht in 2011. This would become a place for creative people to get together and play with new technology.  I play with old technology at the moment, but who cares? Frank also wanted to discuss  ‘what comes after this’. He would like us to work together again  – a number of quite exiting ideas came up that we will take up in a week or so.

Back home  Marcia mailed – she’s been in touch with ‘Utrechts Nieuwsblad’,  part of the AD group of newspapers. Utrechts Nieuwsblad sells 60.000 copies in the province of Utrecht every day. They will probably print an article about my project next week. Again: how cool is that?

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