Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 01Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 02Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 03Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 04Of course it was  kids that did the coolest experiments during my slots at CATCHING UP. They even added an extra dimension to Experiment no. 003.

They  found out that the hair drier keeps blowing once the microphone is directed towards it – it becomes a closed loop, and the contraption never stops blowing. For the sound of the hair drier goes to the microphone which triggers the drier –  ad infinitum. Then these kids took a ball from Experiment no 005 (which was in the same room) and had it balance on the warm jet of air out of the drier. Then they tried different sizes and materials of balls – I made them stop when the yellow plastic ball that ‘s on pic no 4 was almost melting.

I love the way kids take to my experiments. I love the way adults shy away from them.

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