Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 05

Experiment no 003 was part of the  CATCHING UP exhibition. I’ve experimented with it in different variations  before, both in my atelier at Tractieweg and at a school in Zaltbommel (check here). This time  I got to see what an art context would mean  for the ‘sudden gust of wind’.

Grownups are not the best experimenters in the world, but some managed to play with the microphone and the hair drier. Of course it was kids that did the most interesting things with it, no surprise there.  I really should take this experiment  to NEMO,  the largest science centre in the Netherlands and  the perfect place for anyone with an inquiring mind.  One of my teachers at Tractie suggested this – and not by way of a compliment. He ‘did not like art that was about technology’. Which to me is just as stupid a statement as saying ‘I don’t like art that is about paint’.

As a matter of fact, doing CATCHING UP has made me envisage what the next step for Experiment no. 003 could be.  It already is about sense-of-touch, and I’m thinking of adding  an olfactory element (meaning sense-of-smell) and a visual element (meaning: colour/pictures), so that the combination can be used as a machine for (re)creating memories. It is to be triggered by blowing or talking into the microphone, as it is now. But a number of new sensory inputs will be added.  Going to be very, very cool!Everdien Breken Experiment no. 003 pic 06

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