Straatnieuws on the street

Went to Utrecht by train, so I had a chance to try and find a  Straatnieuws seller on the street selling ‘my’ paper.  Pic is taken at the Hoog Catharijne entrance. There is always a Straatnieuws seller there looking for customers. Exiting to know that my project is still on the street!

Everdien Breken Straatkrant Juni. 01pg

Then walked through Utrecht town to school and had a chat with Henk, our dean, about my essay. Needed too ask him some questions about how one interprets (gamic) action as opposed to interpreting texts and visuals. I produce artworks that are games,  they only exist in the action – while being played. Now how does one interpret actions? Henk told me to check  ‘semiotics’ which is the study of  signs and symbols. Will do that, but not today.

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