Essay finish

Everdien Breken Essay books 20 juli 2010 001Spent the better part of today going through my essay text to try and improve my writing & spot typo’s and suchlike. To do so I printed the text, it being much easier to spot mistakes on paper than on the screen. Then hid myself away in a corner and started reading and correcting.

First impression: Nothing much wrong with my essay  – interesting, even.

Second impression: At the moment I am still so close to my own writing that I can only spot the little holes – sentences that do not flow, spelling errors, alinea’s to be re-arranged. I’m unable to  see if there are any big holes –  any subjects that  I should  have written about but didn’t.  I tried to find them, to see  if there are things that may be lacking to the fabric of my argument – and found I cannot do this mental exercise right now.  So strange! I may just have worked too hard.

So I will let the essay alone for a couple of weeks.  Due date is 16th of august, and  I’m taking a 3-week holiday inbetween. Much needed rest – then just before the 16th I’ll look at it again.

Photographed the books and articles I read during my research. A lot!  They will now move to my bookcase in the hall, another try to clear my mind (and my workspace).

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