Everdien Breken AWK 22 juli 2010 005

The day before yesterday we went boating on the Utrecht canals. Jaap, who is a friend of mine, took us on ‘IJsvogel’ (Kingfisher), the small tugboat he has. He’s presently working on restoring another tugboat, a real beauty in which my husband and I have a share – so: there are  many more Utrecht boat trips to come!

It was lovely boating through the Utrecht canals, Oude Gracht is always especially nice. Spent the better part of the trip explaining to Brisha (who is from Ethiopia) and Ingrid (USA) how the Dutch system of canals and dykes works and how we hope  to keep our feet dry. I for one certainly hope the system will be able to beat global warming, as I live in a polder. I’ve even been evacuated because of high water once. That was no picknick & I don’t ever want to have to do so again. Dykes have been strengthened so I should be fine …..

Anyway, we had lots of fun, and Jaap had people from all  continents aboard (apart from Australia, that is). Tiong, our teacher, was a great hand at the steering wheel.

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Last pic shows the back facade of our studio building at Asch van Wijckskade.

Everdien Breken AWK 22 juli 2010 012Everdien Breken AWK 22 juli 2010 021

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