GetAttachment.aspx (2)Just to show that my right-hand-man did a teriffic job: he finished the door-in-door construction at AWK yesterday. Cool!

He took this pic using his mobile phone, then sent it to me via e-mail  so I could admire the finished structure soon after completion.

Pretty good quality this mobile phone camera has! The things one carries in one’s pockets these days –  pretty soon  it will be a wallet, telephone, camera, calendar and PC rolled into one, with TV, wayfinding, spoken books and DVD player thrown in for good measure.

Note: find out what the impact of this continuous stream of pictures is on the mind. Like the impact of the written word once a lot of people learned to read?

To do after holiday: paint the last white spots on the walls, repair the line between gray and white, hang camera’s and place TV’s,  buy MP3’s,  finish audio, find a way to position the MP3 players, knit the last ball covers, pick up the wooden balls I  borrowed, add balls to room, experiment with total  settup to find the best solution, maybe paint lines, document (film & photo’s).

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