Absolutely No Plans

Everdien Breken Experiment no 005 260810 6819

Exam time today. A committee of the great and the good: 1 dean, 4 teachers, 2 external examiners to examine the examiners. I had 20 minutes, 10 to talk, 10 to answer questions. I chose to do a short talk about the way my essay and the latest incarnation of Experiment no 005 hang together, and how the ideas behind both developed during the last year. Then I asked the committee in to play the room (see pic).

I still carry the notes for my talk  in my pocket – I have index cards with notes, in case I lose my nerve. Of course, talks never go as planned. I usually am able to keep to the structure I have in mind but never manage to mention all the clever things I mean to say. Fortunately, no-one hears the things one doesn’t say …

What I like about the masters exams is the way the examiners ask difficult and critical questions but manage to create a positive atmosphere nevertheless. At the bachelors, there very often was a kind of ‘blood in the water’ atmosphere, with the sharks hovering to tear one to pieces.  Maybe this was because us evening students were always crammed in at the end of a day, and the teachers had spent all their positive energy earlier. It wasn’t just me – or my work – I checked and other students had the same experience. Anyway, today went well I think.

Took a risk by having all 7 examiners in the game room in one go. It was overcrowded, which did the thing no good. It stood up reasonably well though, but it is a lot better when one can hear oneself think and see oneself move.

Most difficult question: isn’t this room somewhere between a game and an installation? Answer: It could do with a little less then it would be a little more.

Note: try no headsets but two sets of speakers sat/sunday  later: tried this friday, much better!
Note: try fewer balls sat/sunday
Note: find out why one MP3 didn’t function

It is incredible that the thing is done now – or almost done. Tomorrow is intervention time at Expodium, big crayons, circles at the Krugerstraat at 18.30. Hope it stops raining!  For now, it’s time to wallow in the unfamiliar luxury of having Absolutely No Plans.

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