The result from the exam came in yesterday – and I passed! Of the group of 14, just one hasn’t passed yet, she’s not finished her essay so she will have to wait another month or two. If you guys read this, congratulations again!

Very festive mood at Expodium where we opened our exhibit last night. Turned out to be an FFF affair: a number of friends visiting, I got flowers, and a family member helped me crayon a game on the street outside.

It was so much fun doing the big circles on Krugerstraat! The children from the neigbourhood came out and played, writing their own game on and around mine. Then the parents came out to ask what it was all about, so I did manage to make a connection between Expodium and its neighbours. Got a lot of compliments from the regular art crowd as well – nice! Grown-ups mainly did texts.

Kids really are the best experimenters! Some used the crayons as rollers, balancing on them to see who could go fastest forward. Note: What worked really well is that the original design (the circles) kept standing out from the rest (text by grownups, lines by the kids) because of their mathematical precision and the thick lines. This is what I went for, nice to see that it materialised in real life.

Everdien Breken Expodium 260810 6878Everdien Breken Expodium 260810 6855

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