Working on the installation that I want to present to the examiners next week: Experiment no. 005 in a new setting and with new features, I blogged about this before. Yesterday I finished painting the walls an appropriate shade of grey, it looks very distinguished. The right-hand man and I also installed the tv’s and camera’s, was really pleased with the result! Got something I didn’t expect – the plinths come across on the TV screen like lines on a playing field. Looking  like a Mondriaan painting in black-and-white, too, Note: make pics of this and  post them.

So I’ve started thinking about adding more lines, playground-like. Difficult thing is – how to make lines that are straight or curved, the right way, but that are also removable – can’t use paint. Also – how many or how few. Today I’m also taking the balls to in try out how many, what type & suchlike. Will try out the effect of chalked lines & if those will stay or come off. Another way of doing this would be using a felt-like material, cut it into ribbons, sew it on the carpeting and glue it on the wall. Which would have the added advantage that it is inviting to touch.


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