Essay handed in

memory game copyEssay is handed in! Came home from a sailing holiday today & had no luck: my PC had crashed – I could not get it to start. After tearing my hair out I borrowed a laptop – my laptop having problems too – and installed a trial version of the  website editing software I use, then hoped for the best. And the best happened: it all worked, and my essay-cum-game  is finished.   I have just sent off an e-mail telling MaHKU that my essay can be found at No need to hand in an original and xxx copies, just the link will do! Glad I chose this format, even though it has been tough to get the game bug-free and doing what I want it to do.

Next week I’ll finish my installation at the Asch van Wijckkade. Week after that is  a. final exam  b. open atelier at AWK   c. make exposition at Expodium. Week after that is graduation!

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