Hester hiding PristineOne of the unexpected rewards of writing a weblog is that people that I have met or worked with find it and get back in touch. The following  is a message from Zeynep, a young greek artist that fell in love with one of the dolls I made two years ago:

Dear Everdien,

Don’t know if you can recall me, but i was at maHKU last year as well. You were participating in my friend, Christina’s performance, and you also gave her one of your wonderful “doll”s- not quiet sure what to call- and we made some photos together with her? Anyhow, I just came across with you and your blog the other was wonderful to go through your posts, remembering the last year..Congratulations for your graduation! Best of luck with everything!

P.S. I slept with that “doll” for 4 months, then gave it to Christina before leaving Holland..It was wonderful, i still remember the feeling of holding it in my arms!

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