Everdien Breken Pisa 1 241010

Gentleman above listens to the name of Garibaldi – I’ve just arrived in Pisa, of leaning-tower fame, and had my first icecream on Garibaldi Square. Boy, these icecreams are good!

I’m on holiday – long overdue – with the eldest girl.  Note that  I clocked Kopenhagen, Berlin and now Pisa in short order: all part of the effort to pay back the family for their patience and forbearance in my MaHKU days. Art school days are over – a fact brought home to me when I parked at IBB two days ago to go to an appointment in Utrecht town. The builiding was ablaze with light; a beehive of  activity that I am not part of any more.

I’m not homesick – yet?- but need to decide what projects I will start; then start campaigning for funds. Am talking my plans over with Loes and Jos, very bright young persons both, so as to get them (the plans) in shape and in order.

In the meantime I’ve accepted an interim job as a project manager at Colours, an internet company that needs me to manage a couple of projects for them. It’s nice flexing  my management-muscles again. A lot of bright young persons there also, some slightly stressed, I’ve known the company for a number of years now and working for them gives me energy.


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