Action Weaving – Tree Energy

Talking through the Action Weaving we did beginning of this week, Eveline and I hit upon a format  suitable for GWO12 – Into The Great Wide Open – a quite well-known  pop festival on Vlieland. Which is my favourite  island ever, situated on the northen coast of the Netherlands. GWO12 has good music, visual arts, film, oysters and Mother Nature in all its grandeur.

The idea is to adopt a tree and make its power lines visible by weaving – power lines being the energy lines (or planes, really)  that run from tree branches to the roots of the tree. I did a quick sketch of what this would look like: a tent-like structure.

When one sits in the the tent, ones energy level gets a boost from the tree energy that is being concentrated. It is like what happens in a healing pyramid, reputed to be an extremely powerful device that forms an energy field that heals by replenishing a person’s vital energy.

I’d love to go to Vlieland in september, taking a small mountain of T-shirts and do some cutting and weaving!

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