Everdien Breken Kopenhagen 19 300910

A couple of pictures to remember Copenhagen by. The first one is taken at the courtyard of the Danish Museum of Applied Arts, and represent the orderliness of things. The  second one I took at Christiana, a self-professed ‘free state’ on the little island of Christianshavn and a very orderly attempt at disorderlyness. 

Even in an anarchist free state, washing one’s clothes is one of the tasks that has to be done. I’ve always been fascinated by washing hanging out to dry: the view into other peoples lives it provides, the colorful splash the washing often makes in an otherwise unremarkable environment, the old-fashionedness of the activity itself. Then there are a lot of personal memories attached – a well-filled clothes line acts as a kind of time warp for me.

Very Danish in both pictures: the symmetry of rows and rows of windows with small panes. Even the old half-timbered houses have them.

Everdien Breken Kopenhagen 16 300910

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