Everdien Breken Cover 01 061110

Scored a commission based on Experiment no 001 –  doing a cover for a settee.  The house it is going to live in has mainly hard surfaces, so a woollen object will literally add a different touch. It is meant to be a  work  of art, but also to be sat upon on occasion. Meaning that I have to deal with practicalities like seating comfort, being able to wash the cover, colour and design complementing the existing interior &cet. Have gained a new respect for the Interior Design people at MaHKU!

Been thinking about this commission  for a long time – but had no time to start it as MaHKU kept me more than busy. Now that school is over I have time , and can indulge myself in the feel of fabric and the feast of colour. Very enjoyable!  I am developing a new technique – I’m sort of embroidering with strips of wool on a felt surface – and I usually unpick in the morning what I have made the day before, being unsatisfied with the results. So I started to feel like a modern-day Penelope. Making progress, though: that what I have now is really promising. I want to create a piece that people can’t keep their hands off. Judging from the reactions of the family, I am succeeding.

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