Game Room

Pics from Game Room, the experimental installation I did at Asch van Wijckkade in Utrecht.

A quote:  “… have assembled a collection of balls of various sizes and sorts, some plastic, some leather, some with a knitted surface, some smooth. So sense of touch will also be represented – very important issue for me! Don’t know about the number of camera’s and TV’s yet. I have three sets, thinking about adding one more, if needed. This I can only find out when I am installing  stuff. The voice suggesting ball movements is under construction too. Aart, who is sound technician for a hardrock band, is looking at the tapes that hold Karen’s beautiful voice and clear english and dutch pronounciation. Both Aart and Karen are neighbours:  I’m really using my network here.”

Another quote: ” And today the game has started! This is Farid’s surprising move,  positioning himself in real space and in virtual space simultaneously. This is one of the reasons I like to make games: ‘the work holds surprises for everyone, including the artist” (quoting Carla Zaccagnini). When the TV’s are on the virtual space and the real space are both present and vying for attention – nice!

More about the Game Room here and here.


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