‘nother idea that keeps nagging me – pigeons. When doing a game in Amsterdam I noticed them – the only more-or-less chaotic element in an environment that is so, so very ordered.  What if I can make the birds step in line, too?

Pic above was taken at s’Hertogenbosch station today –  one courageous bird –  so very unperturbed by passers-by, trains coming in and going out.

Pigeons are called ‘flying rats’ in Amsterdam, because they breed like vermin and make their messes anywhere. “Duiven op de Dam’   i.e. ‘Doves at Dam Square” is also a sort of emblematic thing – romantic songs being sung about them.

Note: what is the difference between ‘dove’ and ‘pigeon’?

Pic below is a self-portrait again – me reflected in a poster that was at the ‘s Hertogenbosch station also. Poster is of the Lectric group, the company  that I will be working with again the coming months. I’m torn between the joys of doing project management (and making money) and doing art. Hope to be able to combine the two – not sure if I can.

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