Spot On

Doing Experiment no 005 at Asch van Wijck I got used to people telling  me that  ” I never knew that his is what I look like from above”.  Used to checking ourselves   in mirrors – or any shiny surface that is available – most people’s  self-image is of the first-person-perspective kind. A god-like take on things is pretty uncommon.

I am using this idea as  a starter for new work in the series titled Experiment no 005. Provisionally named  ‘spot on’ the work consists of the following  elements: a number of physical points i.e. circles drawn on the street,  invisible cameras hung above these points, people  standing on the point with an Iphone, a website that collects the data from the camera’s and displays it. The phone accesses the website so that the person can see him/herself on the phone display as seen from above. And/or see the people at the other points, displayed on the same site.

In my mind’s eye I see people waving to each other, snogging, picknicking, playing with a ball, generally doing whatever they do and being beamed up while doing it.  Putting themselves ‘on the spot’ and getting a new perspective on themselves and their surroundings. Becoming one-minute sculptures, living statues.

Work would connect an age-old thing – looking at one’s reflection – with new technology and a new perspective.  Would also connect me with my surveying past.