Power – Robbie Cornelissen at Centraal Museum – Utrecht april 2011

Visited Studio Vertigo – Robbie Cornelissen at Centraal Museum in Utrecht today. He’s a well-known Dutch  artist that makes spectacularly big line drawings of never-never lands, quite something to see in real life. I’d only ever seen small work of his before – the big stuff is much more impressive. Pic shows Cornelissen himself engaged in a meditative and much-repeated act of line drawing. Assisted by a number of art students he’s doing line after line after line on a 17 metres long piece of paper fixed to the wall. Mr Cornelissen must be a man with both passion and patience.

Loved his animations, and  was laughing out loud viewing a cartoonesk video he made together with Chris Brans. It’s called Agoraphobia and I posted a screenshot here. It is a line drawing and a Laurel-and-Hardy lookalike put together, such fun to watch! Show  is on until may 29th and well worth a visit.

Walked to a friends house afterwards, and the well-known canals of Utrecht had been turned into line-drawings themselves. Such is the power of art ….


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