Am researching alternative ways of doing drawing. When I draw pencil-on-paper I am usually much too precise , which is boring, so I am looking for a process that forces me to be messy. 

This is what I came up with: I use rope for lines, then paper over them. When everything is dry I apply sandpaper so the lines show up again. I don’t have all that much control –  it is a messy (and noisy, and dusty) process so it lives up to my expectations. 

Did a number of circles earlier, check here, on small canvasses. Started on a larger size canvas today & made use of a Hong Kong circle image that I generated. I blogged about this before – I applied a circle algorithm to a photo book. Cutting out circles and photographing the result was fairly quick. Gluing rope on canvas and papering over it takes much more time. When the papering is finished I will need even more patience,  as the thing takes a few days to dry. Patience not being my strong suit, this is exellent exercise ……

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