Pushing up the daisies

Figured out how to film in a circle. I cut out a circle in a piece of cardboard until I had about the right size – much smaller than you’d expect, a 4 mm peephole for the camera’s eye to look through. Then I had to find a way to make a perfect circle, which I did using a punch. Then the perfect material – paper, cardboard, plastic, tin sheet. The tin sheet worked best – taped it to the camera and started shooting video through it.

Object of my desire is to make a circular video, to be projected on the ceiling of a perfectly circular stairway spanning 4 floors at the place in Den Bosch where I do project management. I’d like to make the ceiling see-through, and tell the story of what goes on above it –  maybe there is a tree growing on the roof? or a giantess looking through the skylight? or a manneken pis letting go of a stream of …  Amazing thing, art – I’m training  my mind to think in a pushing-up-the-daisies perspective, sort of.

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