Spatial solitude

Was invited to celebrate Loes Glandorff’s ‘ birthday in happy Rotterdam – been ages since I last went to a dance party! Had a great dinner at Warung Mini (Witte de Withstraat 47) where our party of 12 – unannounced –  was seated in the very crowded space as if by magic. Then we had the honor to pre-view Wormthe Institute for Avantguarde Recreation – a Rotterdam filmhouse-cum-hotspot that has just moved to a new location. Loes’ partner Jos de Krieger did the design for the new venue. Jos is a member of 2012 architects who are into re-use of all possible materials. At Worm this was expressed by re-using part of the front of the building: they cut out a section of wall plus two windows then moved those 2 metres towards the other side of the pavement. This created an eye-catching front entrance. Brilliant! Once inside, Jos’  ingenuity is everywhere. Toilets are reclaimed fluids containers;  the interior panelling of two airplanes covers the walls; and that’s just for starters…….. 

Must have been seeing Worm that inspired me to overcome my lassitude. I hired a helping hand – the big girl being no longer at hand to do jobs –  redistributed a lot of stuff, and am now settled in a Room of my Own. Spatial solitude: nice!

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