Random operation

random pigeonsWent to Amsterdam yesterday, to the new public library at Oosterdokseiland close to Central Station. I spent three days at this place last week, training 16 people in project management. On the last day I left a small but essential gadget so I had to go back Sunday – these liberated people are open 7 days a week!  This alone would have been enough to make me want membership, but they are also sitting on an enormous collection of books, film, music & cet and even Zaltbommel-based people can get a library card. Which I did! No work will be done this winter – too many books to read.

Anyway, on my way back I met with some pigeons, maybe the same ones I’ve organised  into lines and circles earlier. Now, just to show how random they operate under normal circumstances, I fed them crumbs and shot some footage. Bu chance an open-air musician gave us a tune:



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