Quiet play

Had the opportunity to go to Circus Boemtata last sunday, a circus organised by Cliniclowns. I’ve helped  PLAY+ART to get in touch with Cliniclowns, so I have a kind of proprietory interest in their cooperation.  The little girl and I laughed a lot: Cliniclowns aree seriously funny!

PLAY+ART objects are needed to give kids that are a bit overwhelmed by the show a moment of quiet play. The cloud-like object below – the one the kid is sitting on – is by PLAY+ART artist Robbert de Goede. If the sheep (there are 3) work out well, Cliniclowns will order more animals: elephants, cows or suchlike. Nice!  Another idea being discussed is a wall-hanging that changes colour in reaction to touch.

Note: Stuff made for the circus must be very sturdy and long-lasting, also easy to clean. So: re-think the Seriously Big Objects …

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